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Wildlife Visuals With An Edge

A nimals of Montana is a full service Wildlife casting agency that has over 20 years of experience in this industry. They cater to the needs of photographers, amateur and professional and also to the motion film industry.

What separates Animals of Montana from the competition is the fact that all of their animals are worked with day in and day out from just days old. This develops a special bond between animal and trainer, which in turn eliminates misbehaving, unruly, scared animals. When you need a special behavior to fit your script or photography needs, the trainers will customize training for that particular animal insuring the behaviors you need.

The habitats available for filming are endless. They have areas very similar to that of Yellowstone National Park, ranging from mountain backdrops and vistas, rocky ledges, Douglas Fir forests, alpine and lowland meadows, and much more. Their trainers are also available to act as “stuntmen”, giving you even more opportunities to get just what you are looking for in your film.

Troy Hyde, master trainer and founder of Animals of Montana takes pride in how far his business has come and will advance into the future. His passion is the animals and forever will be until the day he dies.

Meet Troy Hyde & Crew

G rowing up in Washburn, Wisconsin, Troy Hyde has always loved animals. He started as a young child learning how to safely catch and release rabbits and chipmunks. In his teens, he opted to raise and train a couple of mountain lions, instead of the usual family dog. At age 27, he made his first movie debut, starring as a stunt man in the film “Wind Dancer”, produced by Majestic Enertainment, along with his trained mountain lion, Tommy.

Today, he makes his home in the mountains near Bozeman, Montana, raising and training exotic wildlife. His “animal family” consists of Gray wolves, Canadian & Siberian lynx, Black bears and Grizzly bears, Snow leopard, Black leopard, Bobcats, Red & Cross fox, Siberian tiger, African lion, Mountain lions, Porcupine, Mink, Badger, Raccoons and Skunk. With over 30 years of experience working with these animals he has an innate connection and ability to communicate and work with animals of all kinds. It is his special skills and love of animals that has made Animals of Montana a unique and exciting business~one that offers filming opportunities that cannot be found any where else. Troy has a daughter, Briana, who is an accomplished artist living in Wisconsin, and a son, Colter, who lives here in Montana.

Demetri Price, Australian born and raised, is head trainer and Troy’s right hand man. He is gifted as well with an innate connection with the animals-especially the cats. His love for the animals and training skills create a balance between these two men that is unsurpassed in the industry. They share a lifetime commitment and lifestyle working together with Animals of Montana.