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I’ve just completed my first shoot with Animals of Montana.  It was obvious from the outset that Troy and Ed share an amazing bond with their animals, but what really sets Animals of Montana apart from the rest is that their decades of experience has taught them what photographers want and how to deliver it.  Don’t wonder if you’ll get amazing photo opportunities at Animals of Montana – just pack plenty of memory cards.

- Adam L.

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Welcome to Animals of Montana

The respect given by both the trainers and the animals is apparent to even the most naïve.  The devotion needed to raise healthy, photogenic, well-mannered predators for the entertainment industry is our life long goal. Our animal actors are all treated with love, respect and trained with the utmost kindness and positive methods while keeping their own unique needs in mind. When visiting you will be amazed how our animals actually “work your camera” rather than having to chase the animals’ around for the footage or the photo you are seeking.

Troy Hyde, President and founder of Animals of Montana has been working with animals, strictly predators, for over 30 years. He’s developed a special bond with each animal from birth, letting each relationship grow strong until the end. The dedication needed to raise and train predators such as Lions, Leopards, Bears, Wolves and others comes naturally to him.

Pride is taken in everything that happens at Animals of Montana and we invite you to come and experience it for yourself! Your experience will be unique and we’ll offer you photo opportunities that are exclusive to Animals of Montana.  Join our mailing list to stay informed of the latest happenings and specials here at Animals of Montana!

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When planning your trip to Animals of Montana, whether for a Wildlife Photography Tour or Workshop or if you have organized your own private wildlife photography sessions, you will want to be sure you have plenty of memory cards!

For the hour long session with the animal(s) of your choice, your trigger finger will be working overtime as you capture hundreds, even thousands of one of a kind images. The animals are all raised from birth by our trainers and they are trained to work your camera, eliminating having to chase the animal around for the perfect photograph. Animals of Montana and their trainers are the best of the best, trained to put the animals health and well being first and foremost, never overworking the animal, or making the animal perform when it’s not feeling well.

The animal trainers put your safety as the top priority as well, there is always at least one trainer with you at all times while you are photographing, while another trainer is working the animal. Your safety and the animal actors’ well being are the two most important things to our trainers here at Animals of Montana. Once you experience what Animals of Montana can offer and view your endless amount of sellable images, you’ll be hooked! Our locations for filming are vast. We don’t use the same location over and over again, to only offer you images that closely resemble that of the photographer that was here previously.

We pride ourselves in giving each and every client a new and unique Photo opportunity with our animals. Wildlife Visuals with an Edge! We dare you to come experience it for yourself!

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Animals of Montana, Inc. is a full service wildlife-casting agency located near Yellowstone National Park nestled between three spectacular mountain ranges and several beautiful wilderness areas for convenient on-location filming.

Wherever your production takes you, Animals of Montana is equipped and ready to go. With experienced and enthusiastic staff, we pride ourselves on specialized trained behaviors; stalking, snarling, leaping, posing, playing, fighting, running, climbing, sitting, rescuing or any desired behavior. We do not use snares or leashes.  Our animals are highly trained to your specifications at any time-any where.

Our trainers work with our animals daily, training them to perform on command to fit any script. Animals of Montana can arrange to helicopter- Carisch Helicopters -your crew into the mountains or we are also equipped to travel to your location any where in the world. Whether you have a large or small production for film making or video, contact Troy Hyde for animal rates.

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Take advantage of great offers by visiting our special events page! Everything from Master Class Tours with Expert tour leaders, seasonal artist’s/amateur photographer’s workshops, Artist Reference Events, Camera Club workshops, and much more! This page will also lead you to the great specials we offer from time to time on tours, workshops, and private filming days! Be sure to Bookmark this page and check back regularly for Animals of Montana’s Wildlife Visuals with an Edge photo opportunities with our animal model actors!