Ben with wolf



There still aren’t any words to express the deep sadness within me, and the difficulty I continue to have daily with accepting the reality of what happened November 4, 2012. Ben lost his life, and I lost someone I loved as a son. He was, and will always be considered an intricate part of the Animals of Montana Family-both personally and professionally.

Ben was an extremely enthusiastic, energetic, incredible human being that took a tremendous amount of pride in who he was and what he did. I found myself amazed at his uncanny ability to always think outside the box. His understanding of the animals and capability to learn so quickly put him one step ahead of the rest. Ben was the guy that always went the extra mile. If a client had forgotten a lens or a camera while working at 9000 feet up the mountain, at 30 below zero, he’d say, “Give me your keys”, and be back in 15 minutes with everything that they needed. No matter how grueling or brutal the day was, Ben always ended the day with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step.

I wasn’t there that day. Neither do I fully understand what happened that morning, and probably never will. Some questions have been answered; others may never be. I am deeply devastated with the loss of Ben, which has forever changed me and Animals of Montana. I miss him every day, and I will keep the memory of Benjamin R. Cloutier with me always.