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We at Animals of Montana, invite you to join us on an exclusive photo tour near Bozeman, Montana, which will take you 12,000 feet atop the snow-capped Crazy Mountains via Carisch helicopter. The tour begins at the break of dawn, flying into the Crazies; capturing photographs of mystical creatures in the morning alpen glow the Crazy Mountains are infamous for! We will then fly back down to the valley where you will have the opportunity throughout the remainder of the tour to photograph Mountain Lion, Wolves, Grizzly and Canadian Lynx in great habitats. The price of this tour is $2,895.00 per person. Be sure to reserve your space now, as space is limited. Call us at 1.800.315.6948 or email us at animals@animalsofmontana.com.

*We are not responsible for inclimate weather related to this tour and the ability of the helicopter to fly to/from the mountain.  If weather is too bad to fly, the Leopard will be filmed at a lower elevation without the use of the helicopter.  No credit may be used in conjunction with this tour. As a participant on this tour, you will need to be physically fit as well as able to sustain sub zero temperatures for an extended period of time.