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June 23-25.2017 (June 26 ~weather day)

Through the ages of time, man has observed and been fascinated by the mystery of the lives and legends of the predator known as the Wild Cat~ A species that embodies power and grace; ruling in an elusive world all their own. We welcome you to take a peek into this intimate kingdom by joining us on this three (3) day wildlife tour, where we’ll offer you breathtaking moments among these Cats, while creating dramatic images of our super predators~African Lion, Siberian Tiger, Black Leopard, as well as our smaller cats~Mountain Lion, Canadian & Siberian Lynx, and Bobcat. Come and take a walk on the wild side with us in the Big Sky Country near Bozeman, Montana. The cost of this three (3) day tour is $2,695.00 per person, and includes four (4) nights lodging, continental breakfast and lunch. To reserve your space, please email us @ animals@animalsofmontana.com or call @ 406.686.4224.