*Choose from the following tour dates:

February 11, 2017, March 12, 2017, April 11, 2017, May 10, 2017, June 9, 2017, July 9, 2017, August 7, 2017, September 6, 2017, October 5, 2017, November 4, 2017, December 3, 2017.

The Full Moon~alluring, mysterious; worshiped in ancient times, and is called many names by different cultures~A celestial body that illuminates the silvery indigo sky all across the World, pulling us towards it as it does the tides of the seas…

We would like to extend to you a very unique opportunity for a two (2) day tour around the full moon rise of every month. On the first day/night of the tour, depending on what time the moon rises, you’ll have an opportunity to photograph our specialized wolf silhouetted against the brilliance and glow of the full moon. Once the evening gives into dawn, we’ll continue with filming four different animals on the second day, in natural settings of meadows, pine and aspen forests, mountains and streams. We would be delighted to have you join us on this one of a kind photo tour that will take you into a night of mystery, illusion and magic! The cost of this two day tour is $1,895.00/per person which includes three (3) nights lodging in Bozeman and continental breakfast & lunch with us. To reserve your space, please email us @ animals@animalsofmontana.com or call @ 406.686.4224.

**Please note that we are not responsible if Mother Nature decides to hide the “Man in the Moon from us”**