On Location Photography Tours

Imagine beautiful Red Rock Canyon country of southeastern Utah with large cats jumping canyons. Photograph mountain lions resting within just feet from your lens, on a ledge with a view of Slot Canyon.  Capture a grizzly bear playing in the aspen groves of Utah’s high country. Take great shots of a black bear eating berries in colorful fall leaves of Northern Minnesota or wolves howling at the sky with dramatic vivid autumn backdrops. Create images of cougars leaping off Montana mountain peaks and rock ledges.

A typical tour day begins at sunrise. Our staff will contact you one day prior to the commencement of your tour to confirm a “call time”. Call times are based on sunrise and sunset times, light and weather conditions. Depending on the tour you have selected, you will have the opportunity to photograph up to 6 animals per day. Your morning session will consist of up to (3) one hour sessions with up to (3) different animals. Your morning session will be followed by a mid-afternoon break to enjoy the scenery, edit photos or just relax and grab a bite to eat. You will be given an evening call time upon completion of your morning sessions. Be prepared to be awe inspired by the spectacular sunsets Montana has to offer. You will have the opportunity once again to photograph up to (3) different animals during your evening sessions.

Choose from the following On Location Tours below, grab your camera and leave the rest to us!_________________________________________________________________

Great Bear Photography Tour!

Choose from the following tour dates:

September 22-23.2018 (September 24 ~ weather day)

On this tour you’ll have two (2) days of numerous opportunities to photograph our Grizzly Bear and Black Bears in their natural habitats. Summer will be giving way to the beautiful colors of Fall, displaying the deep rich colors of golden aspen groves and cherry red willows. We’ll also take advantage of bringing the bruins down to the river to cool off and play; or on a rocky ledge surrounded by green Douglas Fir forests and vistas of the Rocky Mountains as backdrop. The cost of this tour $1,495.00 per person. Special lodging rates are available upon request. To reserve your space, please call us at 406.686.4224 or email animals@animalsofmontana.com








Call of the Wild Tour

Choose from the following tour dates:

November 10-11.2018 (November 12 ~ weather day)

This unique two (2) day tour brings two of the most controversial animals to mankind together, giving you endless opportunities before your camera to photograph our pack of Wolves and a cameo session of our Grizzly Bear. These mythical and legendary animals throughout time, have learned to coexist side by side in reverence of each other.

The tour takes place in the foothills of the Bridger Mountains near Bozeman, Montana. You’ll experience the haunting howl of the Wolf as it echoes through the valley, and capture their playful spirit as they run together, or stand posed, still and silent, peering out with golden eyes from under pine boughs. You’ll be truly intrigued by the power of our Grizzly~awed by his massive presence, but delighted by his playfulness. The cost of this two (2) day tour is $1,995.00, and includes three (3) nights lodging, continental breakfast and lunch. To reserve your space, please email us animals@animalsofmontana.com or call 406.686.4224.


Spirit of the Canyon Lands Wildlife Photography Tour!      

Choose from the following tour dates:

2018 tour dates coming soon!

Come with us and discover a surreal and magical land where the Ancient ones, the Anasazi spirits, still whisper through the winds of the red rock canyonlands, and the black Ravens dance on, high above the ancient rivers below. A place of unmatched natural wonders located in the heart of the beautiful Red Rock Canyonland country of southeastern Utah. From the glistening rapids of the Colorado River to the spectacular Arches in the Canyonlands National Parks, Moab enables you a photo experience and a lifetime of memories.

You will have the opportunity to photograph Mountain Lion and Bobcat in red rock canyons, and Grizzly Bear and Wolf in the golden aspen groves and alpine meadows of the La Sal Mountains.   Leave the world behind, and experience everything our autumn Moab Tour has to offer!

The price of your tour is $2,395.00 per person and includes four (4) nights lodging and continental breakfast at the Aarchway Inn. As part of your tour, we’re bringing you two of the most gifted animal trainers in the industry, Troy Hyde and Demetri Price. To reserve your space today, give us a call at 406.686.4224 or email animals@animalsofmontana.com ~ We hope to see you this Fall!








Tails of Yellowstone Fall and Winter Photography Tour!

Choose from the following tour dates:

September 28-30.2018 (November 1 ~ weather day)

We would be delighted to have you join us on this three (3) day tour taking place in our beautiful valley and foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It’s that time of year when summer relinquishes its verdant green into landscapes of goldens and reds! You’ll have opportunities to photograph North American predators that are sometimes difficult to see in the park. At Animals of Montana, up close and personal is not just a saying. Work with four (4) animals per day in natural habitats~ Grizzly, Mountain Lions, Wolves, Black Bear, Coyote and more! The cost of the tour is $2,295.00 per person, and includes four (4) nights lodging in Bozeman, and continental breakfast with us. Space is limited, so please call us a 406.686.4224 or email animals@animalsofmontana.com







 Young at Heart~ Baby  Animal Photography Tour!

June 9-10.2018 (June 11 weather day)

Spring is a very special time of the year to visit Animals of Montana. Each year we welcome many furry and fluffy baby animals to our family. Spring is the time of year that provides the best conditions for these little bundles to grow and thrive. The air is cool and fresh, the flowers are blooming and the trees bursting with buds and green leaves. Join us for our Baby Animal Tour June 9-10.2018. This 2 day tour includes 3 nights lodging in Bozeman and up to 4 (one hour) photo sessions per day for $2,195.00.

**Unfortunately we aren’t able to guarantee what and how many babies we’ll have; Mother Nature makes that decision, but we are anticipating and hopeful for a bundle of babies this year!