Raccoon – “Procyon lotor”

“Rocky” and “Chitto” are two peas in a pod! Our two male adult Raccoons are sure to leave you chuckling outloud! They climb trees, play with rocks in the creek, run through the water, sit back on thier haunches and just fiddle with whatever they can get their little velcro like hands on! In the Spring of each year, there’s a good chance we have baby coons running around..too precious amongst the beautiful Montana Wildflowers!  You can join us for a private session with the babies or join one of our Baby tours!

Quick Bites

Type: Mammal
Diet: Omnivore
Average life span in the wild: 2 to 3 years
Size: 23.75 to 37.5 in (60 to 95 cm)
Weight: 4 to 23 lbs (1.8 to 10.4 kg)