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Gray Wolf – “Canis lupus”

Also known as “Timber Wolf”, is a captivating predator that is an elusive, yet highly social creature. It is a mystical and mysterious character of fairy tales, myths and legends; heartwarming or frightening, but always noble and fascinating. Our wolf pack of “Choteau, Koda, EQ3D5831 - Copy (250 x 191)Tundra, Denalli, Raven, Rook”~ just to name a few, is a mixture of many generations of pure blooded Gray wolves. Their fur color ranges in shades of gray~ from black to white. Tundra, our specialized wolf, is highly trained with many behaviors on command; staring, stalking, howling, and more. The rest of the pack will perform together, displaying their spirited playfulness; dominant/submissive interactions; or quiet golden-eyed stares, exposing their keen intelligence. Whether standing alone or part of a pack, our Gray wolves are intriguing and alluring, leaving you with the echo of their howl, or wanting to know more about the secrets they keep behind their amber gaze.

Quick Bites

Type: Mammal
Diet: Carnivore
Size: Largest of the canid species. Head/body length: 39.4-63 in (1,000-1600 mm); Tail length: 13.8-22 in (350-560 mm)
Weight: males: avg-88 lbs (40 kg); females: avg-81.6 lbs (37 kg)
Protection status: Endangered & Threatened~depending on location