We Can Bearly Wait for Fall

Summer might be coming to an end but wildlife photo opportunities are not! Nature offers a buffet of beautiful berries and seeds for the hibernating animals to feast on while the leaves begin to turn […]

“Hot Dog” Blog



The proverbial pooch has more than a “long” history behind its humorous hot dog credentials. Other than the obvious elongated body we wanted to know the real facts about this little frankfurter.

The question came about […]

Birds of a feather flock together,… Or do they?

Sometimes in the animal kingdom you will see unlikely friendships. We have seen elephants befriend dogs; birds cuddle up next to cats and of course the adorable “Friends Furever” Android commercial that advertises bonds across […]

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Wildlife Photography Tours – Moab Utah

Wildlife Photography Tours – Moab Utah
The red sands and impressive rock formations aren’t the only thing that Moab Utah has to offer. Moab attracts all types of outdoor adventures from mountain bikers and dune buggy […]

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A Bison Tale

The camel is the ship of the desert but in an ocean of snow, here comes the buffalo.
Wait! Is it actually a buffalo? Or a bison?Early American settlers called bison “bufello” due to the similar […]

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Coffee with a Lion

First and foremost, we wish to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for all of your kind and thoughtful emails of condolence. Mufasa’s spirit will live on through those of you who had the opportunity […]


We know that connections to animals can improve our quality of life and vice versa. We also know that such simple gestures as petting a dog or cat or even watching goldfish swimming around in […]

Lions, Tigers and Doberhuahuas! Oh My!

The Patriot’s have clinched their first Super Bowl title and while millions of viewers watched in either disbelief or delight the debate continues, is it Peyton Manning or “Puppy Love” that ends up winning over our […]

Small Business Badasses

New years resolutions are upon us. We squabble and squander over changing our habits, starting new hobbies, losing weight, gaining time and attempting to start fresh.

We focus our minds on future and finances and begin […]

Bustin’ Butts


The boys have been busting their butts out in the blustery wind and snow to finish up Mufasa’s new home. It’s crunch time before the temps drop below zero.

Creating works of iron, titanium and steal […]

Cold Turkey:

It’s November and here in Montana the old saying goes, if ya don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes. One minute its beers on the back patio, the next, it’s digging out your earmuffs and […]

Wacky Winter Wonderland

Shooting in a winter wonderland while trying to capture the detail of a dark animal can be an extremely tricky task. Snow often reduces contrast. In newsletters past we had mentioned several techniques such as, […]

Class Acts or Just Clowning Around With Our Pets?


I don’t know about you but I cant count how many times I’ve taken my dog shopping. Yes, I actually walk into Petsmart, head for the bone aisle and let him, “the dog”, decide which […]

Time for Technology?

I feel that teachers nowadays have become more of a facilitator in the classroom versus a vehicle for delivering information (teacher directed). If it’s used correctly technology can provide a communication tool rather than an […]


You can’t help but spark a catchy tune while indulging in daily rituals out at the A of M facility. Muck cleanup really seems to inspire creativeness. Ha. Ha.

Today it was the “Twelve days of […]



I feel that no matter who you are or the level of fitness you enjoy, you can create a wonderful photograph in any kind of environment.

For those who enjoy macro photography, getting into those awkward […]

“Cool” Cats

She lay crouched behind a rock while he scanned the horizon looking for any signs of life; a whimper, a whine, a blink, a breath. He could sense she was there.  While guiding one of […]

On the Road Again…

“On the road again. Just can’t wait to get back on the road again. Goin’ places that we’ve never been. Seein’ things that we may never see again”.

Willie sure knew how to write a catchy […]


April showers bring May mud…

Ah…the wonderful joys of spring time in Montana!  A time when winter white relinquishes to verdant green, only to be blanketed once again with a foot or more of that four […]



There still aren’t any words to express the deep sadness within me, and the difficulty I continue to have daily with accepting the reality of what happened November 4, 2012. Ben lost his […]

New Faces at Animals of Montana!

This spring has blessed us with a few new faces here at Animals of Montana!  We have our ever so fluffy and lovable bobcat kittens, “Frick” and “Frack”.  They love to be close to mom […]

Photographing at Animals of Montana Day Two by Pui Hang Miles

Animals of Montana – Day Two

6.30am and we were back on the road, heading back up the mountain.  We had no idea what the day would bring but whatever it was, we knew it would […]

Day 1 of Photographing at Animals of Montana by Pui Hang Miles

Our trip to the US was like no other trip we had ever done. Traditionally, our trips abroad are generally to warmer climes where heat and dust are prevalent, but not this time.  Snow and […]

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Pro-photograher, Dennis Fast speaks out

Recently I had the privilege of photographing wildlife at Animals of Montana which is a game farm run by Troy Hyde.
Troy trains animals to “perform” in movies and for professional photographers. Up to this point, […]

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Ice Castle Photography with Wildlife!

Photographing Wildlife in Snow and the Ice Castles!
Normally a Montana winter begins in November and goes through March. Old Man Winter didn’t reach us until late January and we had our absolute best snowfall in February. January […]

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Join “Photographers on Safari”!

Wildlife Photography Tour to remember, with John Wright, Tour leader – “Photographers on Safari”….
John Wright led a group tour to Animals of Montana this Winter!   Here’s a glimpse of what John had to say about his experience […]

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What to expect at Animals of Montana!

This past autumn I had the opportunity to visit with Troy Hyde, owner of Animals of Montana at their location in the mountains North of Bozeman, Montana. They offer an opportunity to photograph a variety […]

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Photographers to Animals of Montana Speak Out…

Much of the time, photographers and videographers that visit Animals of Montana contact us after their visit sharing their thoughts on their experience with our animal actors and trainers….here is one professional photographer, Shirley Collins […]

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Photography Workshop with Tour Leader!

Fall Photography Tour with Don Johnston
Take the opportunity to photograph cooperative and well trained predators, big and small, in their very best physical conditions, together with experienced and imaginative animal trainers and tour guides- all […]

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The Legend of Film Vs. The Digital World

Kodak, the legendary maker of film filed for bankruptcy last week due to the inability to adapt to the increasingly growing digital world.
Over two decades ago when Animals of Montana opened their doors everyone was […]

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A Beautiful Day of Wildlife Photography in Montana!

Wildlife Photography in Montana!
Our day begins at 6 am, gearing up for the second day of photographing with the Photographers on Safari Group.  The sky is clear and looks like it’s going to be a […]